Most Expensive Hockey Skates 2019 – Best Buyer’s Guide & Review

Finding the best hockey skates can be a very difficult process, this is why we put together this review guide to help you make the right choice.

Before buying hockey skates you may be asking questions like ‘What are the best hockey skates?’ or even ‘What is the most expensive hockey skates?’ These are common questions asked by many readers. This is why we put together this ultimate review guide of the most expensive hockey skate on the market today. The more money you invest in good hockey skates, the better the skates will be.

Before spending any money, it is very important to know exactly what you are buying. However, we list several parts and feature below, so all buyer who is new to this would be able to choose wisely according to their needs.

Most Expensive Hockey Skates 2018

Hockey Skates ImageHockey Skates NameWeight
Bauer Junior Vapor X600 Ice Hockey Skates (One Color, 5)634g
Bauer Nexus N7000 Ice Hockey Skates - Senior - 8.5 D870g
Bauer Supreme 190 Ice Skates [SENIOR]790g

If you are in a hurry then you can simply look at these two skates below.

One is the best for professionals and expensive compared to other featured on the list and the other is the best hockey skate for intermediate players.

1. Bauer Vapor X600 – Best Value

most expensive hockey skates
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The Bauer Vapor X600 is one of the most expensive skates on the market today that offers the right flexibility, comfort and support in the boot. Bauer is a popular brand in the hockey world, they make some of the highest quality skates, helmet, gloves and more.

We think this pair of skates might be perfect for the younger players or those who are looking to play at a less intense level. The Vapor X600 may not fit every foot type, but those who do tends to enjoy the benefit from its characteristics by its “second skin” fit and feel. It also features the TUUK lightspeed edge blade holder with super stainless steel for quickness and stability.

We highly recommend Bauer Vapor X600 for those who have made up their mind to spend years on the ice. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.

Features and Specs:

  1. Boot construction: Tech mesh nylon
  2. Heat moldable: Yes
  3. Liner material: Hydrophobic microfiber
  4. Weight: 634 grams
  5. Ankle padding: Anaform foam
  6. Tendon guard: Stiff flex
  7. Footbed: Form fit
  8. Heel support: Patented pro-integrated


  • Very expensive
  • Great for beginning pros


  • May not fit all feet type
  • Expensive

2. Bauer Nexus N7000 – Best All Around Skate For The Price

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Bauer Nexus N7000 is another high-quality hockey skates on the market that gives you the best all-around value for the money. These skates feature TUUK lightspeed edge and TUUK super stainless steel runners – these features should add to your speed as you build your skill.

We also think the Nexus N700 is great for semi-pro skaters and people that are at an intermediate level. These skates attribute a more traditional quarter with the usage of mesh tech nylon and a comfortable classic fit that lets your feet sit deeper in the skate and gives you better performance.

We recommend this pair of skates for semi-pro skaters who are planning on competing in tournaments and perhaps joining a travel team, even though they are expensive it makes sense to invest in a high-quality skate that has better durability and performance. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.

Features and Specs:

  1. Boot construction: Tech mesh nylon
  2. Heat moldable: No
  3. Liner material: Hydrophobic microfiber
  4. Weight: 870 gram
  5. Ankle padding: Lightweight memory foam ankle pads
  6. Tendon guard: Traditional flex
  7. Footbed: Form fit with stabilizer grip
  8. Heel support: Deep v heel fit


  • Excellent quality for comfort and performance
  • Good for wide feet
  • Expensive


  • Not the best skates for beginners
  • Expensive

3. Bauer Supreme 190 Senior Skate – Best Value

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Bauer Supreme 190 Senior Skate is engineered to provide explosive power to the table in a package that’s durable and lightweight. The Supreme line of skates features Bauer’s industry-leading innovation and packs them into the Supreme 190 skate to create a high-performance skate. Bauer has put out a lot to make these ice skates a comfortable choice for the player looking to upgrade their performance.

The Supreme 190 Senior Skate is specifically designed to be the best performance skate at this price range. This superb skate has added features, benefits, upgrade technology and comfort both inside and out.  There are many things you’ll like about these skates, the senior and junior skates come with TUUK LS stainless runners, a higher steel profile for longer sharpening life, a greater angle of attack and custom profiling.

Overall we can guarantee this is one of the highest quality skates out on the market today that offers pro-level performance and customization. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.

Features and Specs:

  1. Boot construction: 3D anaformable curv composite
  2. Heat moldable: Yes
  3. Liner material: Hydra max 2 liners with integrated wear pads
  4. Weight: 790 grams
  5. Ankle padding: Lightweight memory foam ankle pads
  6. Tendon guard: Flexible tendon guard
  7. Footbed: Form fit with stabilizer grip, moisture management and HD heel cup
  8. Heel support: Anatomically designed heel counter


  • This is the most comfortable boot
  • Lightweight
  • Good for wide feet
  • Easy to use


  • Expensive

Hockey Skates 2018 – Buyer’s Guides

Once you have read our review guide thoroughly and taught about the hockey skates that best suits your need, then you can proceed to make your purchase. However, before purchasing it is best to know the purpose of your skate, you don’t want to buy a pair of semi-pro skates if you are just going to skate around casually while your friends practice. If you are a casual skater that is fine, but we don’t recommend wasting money when you will not notice the difference.

If you are a semi-pro skater it is best to invest your money in a skate that will last you for a long time and serve your needs for speed and maneuvering.

What Are Hockey Skates Made Of?

Hockey skate is actually made up of three major parts and the way each one is constructed may change the feel, fit and weight of the skate.

Quarter package: This is the shell of the skate boot. It’s crafted to provide stability, stiffness and support for the foot.

Liner: The liner is inside the boot that provides padding and comfort.

Ankle Padding: Each skate has a different type of pads to provide ankle support. Some of these pads are made from foam or other soft materials.

Outsole: This is the hard bottom of the boot where the holder is attached.

Footbed: This is where your foot sits inside of the boot. Many skates have the option to replace the footbed after repeated use.

Tongue: The tongue is the same as the tongue on any shoe, it is the protective cover under the lace and also on top of the front of your foot.

Heel Support: The heel support helps to secure your heal and stability.


We really hope this guide is everything you need to make the right choice. These are our top picks of the most expensive skates you can find on the market today. We always recommend semi-pro skaters to purchase a skate that will last for a long time and help in improving their skill as well. When choosing a skate remember to consider and balance your need for comfort, agility, speed and durability. All these factors are important and it all comes down to your budget and playing level.

If your new to the site please take the time and check out other section of the site. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section. Thank you and have fun out there.

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