Best Swim Goggles For 10 Year Old 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Great quality goggle will allow your kids to see clearly underwater. Protecting their eyes while they are in the water is very important. Because it can be extremely uncomfortable swimming with stingy eyes from chlorine and salt water. This is why you should invest in a good pair of swimming goggles.

Most swimming goggles for kids come with features including UV protection, anti-fog coating, and easily adjust straps, the best kids goggles utilize higher quality material for increased longevity and provide a superb fit that won’t leak.

Anti-fog goggles will ensure that the swimmer can see clearly where he/she is going when swimming.

Anti-leak goggles will guarantee the water does not affect the swimmer’s eyes causing any distraction.

There are varieties of swimming goggles to choose from in the market that’s specially produced for children. Here are 3 best swim goggles for 10 year old but each has its own unique features, which you could consider before buying. You can also check the comparison below if you are in a hurry!

Best Swim Goggles For 10 Year Old 2018

1. Aegend Swim Goggles – Best Swim Goggles

These goggles were specially designed with kids in mind. This is a high-quality product from Aegend. The Aegend goggles come with extra tint lenses which are perfect especially for kids who plan on swimming indoors or cloudy daylight conditions. However, it is likely to make seeing difficult if you swim in bright days or dimly-lit environments.

Aegend goggles are very comfortable to wear with a flexible silicone frame and improved nosepiece that never hurt your nose or leave any mark on your face. These goggles have a clip in the back which makes putting them on very easy. If your kids love to swim long then these goggles are the perfect choice that offers comfort for prolonged periods of time.

The manufacturer also offers you a 1-year warranty. In addition to being really sturdy, these kids swim goggles also offers features like UV protection and anti-fog coating which will enhance your experience. These are available in a range of colors. This is also amazon one of the best seller and one of the top gift ideas on Amazon. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.


  • Excellent for kids and adults
  • Tinted lens protection for reducing brightness by creating a darker view
  • Weightless, durable and extremely comfortable
  • Affordable
  • 1-year warranty


  • Lack of vision in bright days

2. Speedo Junior Hydrospex Swim Goggle – Best Value

These goggles have a soft, flexible silicone one-piece frame and the bands have very easy change side clips as well as its dual back band. The main focus of this product’s creation is to make sure the eyes of the wearer stays healthy. This item is absolute anti-leak proof and anti-fog that prevents the condensation of water in the form of small droplets on the surface which resemble fog.

The goggles are made of the Lexan lens with shatter resistant properties, which is a high-class quality. If you are ready to introduce your kids to a high-quality goggle, then we highly recommend checking out this one. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.


  • Safe for children
  • Good quality
  • Fit well and keep water out
  • Lenses have UV protection and anti-fog coating


  • Could provide more common colors

3. EVERSPORT Swim Goggles – Fit Well For Everyone

This exceptional product is a great fit for everyone, including adults. Aside from the quality material, we love the design clasp which makes it easy to put swimming goggles on and off with just one press. This product also has a cost-effective price that will be great for you if you are on a budget. Plus this goggles will also be great for your child since it is designed to be comfortable and flexible.

The goggles have a UV protection and anti-fog coating which gives you an excellent swimming experience under water. The anti-fog protection will offer you a clear and long distance view while the UV protection can help to protect your eyes from being hurt by UV and bright lights. These kid-safe goggles are made from flexible silicone frame and gasket and have a unique design to match all facial shapes.

The Eversport swim goggles are made for both children and adults. It is user-friendly and worth buying, an innovation in diving and swimming. You can check out the user reviews and current pricing over here on Amazon.


  • Fit well around the eyes
  • The lenses are protected against anti-fog and UV protection
  • Comes with a 1-year warranty
  • Double layer leakproof design


  • Not the best on the list

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are several things you should consider before buying goggles for your 10 year old child. I don’t truly believe you can just go buy any kind of children swimming goggles.

So when buying a swimming goggles the first thing you should do is think about what type of swimming your doing. All goggles have different purposes. Factors you should consider before buying a swimming goggle:

  1. What are you going to use them for? indoor or outdoor pool swimming. Base on your intended use, you’ll need a different shade of the lense color.  If it’s for indoor purposes you might not want to get very dark goggles unless there is a lot of lighting and for outdoor use, you might want to protect your eyes from the sun and choose darker with UV protection.
  2. Another important factor is the size of the lenses. Usually, the smaller the lens the better as you have less resistance in the water. However they also have to be comfortable and if the smaller glasses inst for you, then you should just get one that looks like they are for scuba diving. They are a bit weird to swim in base on my knowledge and most people might think you are weight but if they work for you then get them.
  3. Do they have rubber, foam or silicone or plastic rings which are the piece that touches your skin around the eyes. I strongly believe that rubber or plastic is the best as you can create suction on your eyes and this will prevent water from entering. However, these days silicone are very popular and tend to be most people favorite, but they are very expensive.
  4. You should pay close attention to the straps, make sure its adjustable to fit on your head. Though the straps should be ok and can be adjusted fine.
  5. Never buy goggles in a sealed case. Because you will need to try them on your eyes in order to see if they fit well.
  6. Obviously one of the last and most important things to consider is the price. Swedish goggles tend to be the cheapest, you can get superb Swedish goggles for as little as $5.99  and they work absolutely amazing. However, if you are looking for durable, high-quality goggles then you should stick to our list. We list some of the best goggles you can find in the market today.

How to Take Care of Your Goggles

The best way to get the most out of your pool goggles is to take care of them. Even the most expensive goggles won’t function properly as they ought to if you are harsh with them, so taking care of them is very important.

  • Gently rinse goggle straps, lenses and eye gaskets with sanitary water. This will help to eliminate pool chemicals that will cause the goggle gasket and straps to age quickly. Rinsing the goggles also help to prevent dirt from crusting up on your goggles.
  • When you return from the pool, allow goggles to completely air dry.
  • Store your goggles in the original case to protect goggle lenses from scratches.
  • Do not touch the inner portion of the optics as it ensures the anti-fog won’t disintegrate faster.


The list consists of the best goggles for kids in 2018. These goggles are very easy to adjust, don’t seem to fog up and fit comfortably without leaving red rings. Searching for the right swimming goggles can be a complex procedure that many parents are never prepared for. A lot of parents also stated that finding the proper goggles is not only a difficult task, but it is also frustrating.

Having reviewed the 3 best swim goggles for kids in 2018, our top pick is Aegend goggles. It is the perfect fit for 10-year-old. The goggles also come with extra tint lenses which are perfect especially for kids who plan on swimming indoors.

If your new to the site please take the time and check out other section of the site. If you have any question, feel free to leave a comment down below in the comment section. Thank you and have fun out there.

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