Best Nerf Gun For 5 Year Old In 2019 – Reviews & Comparison

My little brother is a huge fan of Nerf guns and since these are quite different from other nerf toys he has tried out. Rather than darts, they fire foam cars.

Last summer holiday i tried my best to get him one as a gift (which was a success) and it’s also a great way to get him out of the house to play with his friends.

Many people don’t think its a great idea to give their kids or relatives a nerf gun as a gift but nerf guns seem to be something a lot of children are more drawn to. They offer so much fun and are easy to play with when your friends or family come over.

There are many nerf toy available on the market today and for those of you who are considering purchasing a nerf gun for your 5-year-old, you can use our buyer’s guide to make a decision below. However, base on our opinion about nerf guns that fire foam cars instead of darts we strongly believe Nerf Nitro Duel Fury Demolition Action Figure is the best nerf gun for 5 year old.

Best Nerf Gun For 5 Year Old In 2018

Nerf Gun ImageNerf Gun NameRecommended Age
NERF Nitro DuelFury Demolition5 years and up
Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally5 years and up
Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage5 years and up

1. Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster – Editor’s Choice

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Nerf N-Strike Elite DualStrike Blaster is the first on our list, we consider this to be the best nerf gun in the market for 5 year olds. So if you’re searching for a quality Nerf gun for your toddler, this is the one I’d go for. This Nerf Blaster fires one bullet at a time, but it holds three elite bullets and three mega whistler bullets.

In terms of accuracy and power, it’s pretty good as well. I wouldn’t put it as powerful as the others on the list; however, it’s still really good. For power, the darts go up to 30 to 40 feet. So for kids, this is a good one. My toddler can load it and fire without a problem.

This Nerf gun is for serious Nerf warrior and comes complete with the potential to become the best. This toy is often found on Amazon for a very reasonable price. If you are looking to dip your toes into the Blaster world, this is the best choice.


  • Extremely affordable
  • The mega whistler darts “scream” through the air
  • Compact design makes it perfect for smaller children


  • Nothing!

2. Nerf Nitro Duel Fury Demolition Action Figure – Runner Up

Best Nerf Gun For 5 Year Old
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Nerf Nitro Duel Fury Demolition Action Figure is the second on our list, we consider this to be one of the best nerf gun blaster on the market today for 5-year-olds. This is made for kids to play both inside and out and delivers outstanding distance and controls.

We absolutely love the safety feature of the gun which doesn’t allow it to fire if they aren’t on a flat surface. This great because the main body of the car is foam, the wheels are plastic and these are going very fast so it would pretty much hurt if you got hit by one. Also, the ring of fire is very easy to set up, the rings snap in the base with ease.

We think Nerf Nitro Duel Fury Demolition Action Figure is a great option for parents or relatives who are just introducing a child to the world of nerf. There is a lot of stuff to appreciate about this product, but its versatility is on top. With the purchase of this product, you’ll get a blaster, four foam cars with plastic wheels, two ring of fires, eight obstacles, two long jump ramps and instructions. If you are interested in checking out the reviews and current pricing you can find them over here on Amazon.


  • Safety feature requiring that they be on a flat surface to fire
  • Fun for adults as well
  • Great durability
  • Compact design making it perfect for smaller children


  • Kind of loud
  • Powerful launching

3. Nerf Nitro MotoFury Rapid Rally – Great Quality 

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My nephew favorite gun is the Nerf Nitro Motofury Rapid Rally because he can easily work the gun by himself and he loves that its also a double shooter. The Nitro MotoFury nerf gun is designed for 5 year old kids and older, some of the accessories are quite small but the blaster itself is a bit on the heavy side. It features a one of a kind motorized blaster that fires foam cars at very fast speeds.

The car themselves are composed of a plastic base with large wheels attached. The body itself is however made of a thick piece of dense foam. With the purchase of this product, you’ll get a blaster, nine foam cars with plastic wheels, twelve obstacles, high jump ramp, long jump ramp and instructions. Your kids will love this and am in no doubt that it can provide hours of fun but you’ll also need a big open space to be able to play with properly. If you want to check out the current price on Amazon here’s the link.


  • Small and compact
  • Excellent durability
  • Easy to use
  • Really affordable


  • Powerful launching could hurt child

4. Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage – Very Affordable

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The Nerf Nitro AeroFury Ramp Rage is the most affordable nerf gun on this list with some fantastic features. This set is suitable for kids 5 years and older and it takes 4 AA batteries which are not included.  However, you get a long jump ramp to create challenging distance stunts, this is great for kids who want to show off their blasting skill. 

We highly recommend this product not because it is cheap but because of the quality and features, it packs. Placing the cars in the Nerf Nitro AeroFury blaster is really easy and you can also put two cars in together and if the cars do get jammed there is a special hatched you can open to get them out. With the purchase of Nerf Nitro AeroFury you’ll get a blaster, two foam cars with plastic wheels, long jump ramp and instructions. If you want to check out the current price on Amazon here’s the link.


  • Very affordable price
  • Love the bright colors of the blaster and cars
  • Loading the cars is pretty easy


  • Tendency to jam

Buyer’s Guide – Nerf Gun For Kids

Now that you have a better understanding of each nerf gun and how they operate you can now make a better decision in choosing which one you think is best for your child’s needs. We highly recommend these guns for children and they can also be used by adults as well. However, we think Nerf Nitro Duel Fury Demolition Action Figure is the best value for the money.

Size and Weight

The first thing i look at when searching for Nerf gun for my kids is the size and weight. Because you want them to be able to play freely without struggling to carry around their new toy. Many of the newer models tend to be larger and requires batteries in order to launch a great amount of bullets. Between the bulkiness and the size of batteries required to make it function, these Nerf gun can become quite heavy and usually require two hands to carry them around.

Lightweight Nerf guns are easier for smaller kids to handle. Young children may have a difficult time operating the heavier models.

Additional Accessories

For a more fun experience with your Nerf gun, you can choose to purchase additional accessories from third-party manufacturers. Most of these accessories are mainly for cosmetic purposes – they make your gun look more attractive but won’t really give you an advantage during dart play.

Safety Rules to Follow When Playing With Nerf Guns

Follow these four rules as safety guidelines for Nerf Guns.

  • Never shoot at pets and family members.
  • Children shouldn’t try to hurt each other while playing. However, accidents do happen.
  • Never point a Nerf gun at someone’s face or even your face.
  • Limit exposure to violent TV programs.

Where to Buy Nerf Gun?

When buying online and sourcing new Nerf guns for sale, we always recommend buying on Amazon, however, you can also purchase from Walmart or Target.


We hope you learn something from this nerf gun review, which will make it a lot easier for you to choose the best nerf gun that best suits your needs. There are a high number of nerf gun available on the market which many of them are junk and doesn’t last longer than few weeks. This is why we put together this guide to prevent you from making a bad choice. That being said all, all of these guns are fantastic and well within a reasonable price range.

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