Best Crossbows Under 400 2019 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

Are you in need of a quality crossbow that can get you perfect hunting shots or for crossbows shooting games but have a relatively low budget? You can easily find crossbows under 400 but it is also important that you make your selections based on the calibers, velocity and shooting range of your desired crossbow.

In this article, i list some reliable recommendations of crossbows under $400 in the market we have reviewed to save you from the stress of doing all that research on your own.

Best Crossbows Under 400 2018

1. CenterPoint Sniper 370 – Editor’s Choice

Centerpoint has produced quite a number of crossbows but one of its finest products based on performance is the CenterPoint sniper 370. This is one of the best crossbows under 400 you can get in the market today. In length, the crossbow measures 36.5 inches and weighs just 7.9 pounds. The Sniper 370 has so many amazing features like its velocity of up to 370 (feet per second) which makes it perfect for hunting light game, a draw weight of 185 pounds which makes it easy to aim and handle, auto-safety trigger mechanism and anti-dry fire.

This model crossbow is fully adjustable which means it can easily fit the style of anyone. With this crossbow, you’ll get a 4x32mm scope, relaxed axle-to-axle: 21″, quiver, rope cocker, shoulder sling and 20-inch carbon bolts.

The only disadvantages of the CenterPoint Sniper 370 are the additional assembly that is required to derive its full strength and its plastic parts which when broken is not advisable to use the crossbow. If you’d like to see reviews from the hundreds of other people who have bought this crossbow as well, you might want to go over here and read them.


  • This bow is extremely light, it is lighter than most its competitor
  • High quality
  • Best value for the money
  • Fully adjustable
  • Vibration free


  • Requires plenty of maintenance

2. Barnett Jackal Crossbow – Best Crossbow For Beginners

Here is another superb crossbow on our list, the Barnett Jackal has awarded the best crossbow for beginners with an affordable price range. It is a powerful crossbow with a sleek and professional design making is acceptable by anyone. It has an arrow velocity of up to 315 (feet per second) and a draw weight of 150 pounds. The Jackal is a very comfortable crossbow that weighs 7.7 pounds and measures 32.5 inches in length and 26.5 inches in width making it easy to control.

It also has a new ADF MIM trigger, 28mm Single Red Dot Scope, 3 Jackal crossbow quiver and a Weaver rail separated front grip for a smooth and comfortable 3.5-pound trigger pull. Unlike other crossbow on the list, The Jackal has a security measure to help avoid dry-fire but falls short with its sole manual cocking method and its breakable temperamental cams.

We really love this crossbow because its well made and is of a sturdy built. If you want to check out the current price on the Jackal, you can find it over here on Amazon.


  • Powerful crossbow
  • Military style design
  • Best for beginners
  • Can take down any legal game


  • Manual cocking method only

3. SA Sports Fever – Affordable Crossbow

If what you are looking for is a lightweight crossbow, the SA Sports Fever re-curve style crossbow is the way to go. This crossbow is extremely affordable, you should know that this crossbow cost two times less than similar models in the market. With a power stroke of up to 11 inches and a draw weight of 175 pounds, the SA Sports Fever will get arrows soaring accurately at a dazzling range of up to 240 (feet per second).

This crossbow has a solid feel and is surprisingly accurate. With the SA Sports you’ll get a padded shoulder sling, 4×32 illuminated multi-reticle scope, rope cocking device, hex keys and a 4-6″ 2219 aluminum arrow.

The SA Sports Fever crossbow weighs four and a half pounds, very mobile and is worth every penny it commands. However, the SA Sports Fever crossbow doesn’t have such a powerful force for large games and has no security measures around the front grip. You can read more about the SA Sports over here on Amazon and pick it up fairly cheap in my opinion.


  • Solid built
  • Extremely affordable
  • Ultra lightweight crossbow
  • Easy to transport


  • Low feet per second
  • Not strong enough for large game

4. Barnett Whitetail Hunter – Best Entry Level Crossbow

The Barnett Whitetail Hunter crossbow is one of the best hunting crossbows in the market. The Barnett is a bit pricier than the SA Sports crossbow, but as the price gets higher so does the quality of the crossbow. Barnett is also one of the most popular crossbow manufacturers in the world, at the moment it comes handy with a scope, carbon fiber bolts, a quick release quiver, a tube of Barnett crossbow lube wax and a cocking rope.

It has a thick appearance but was designed with complex materials to make it lightweight enough that it only weighs 6.2 lbs and measures a length of 34.25 inches and a width of 18.25 inches. The Barnett Hunter is also very durable and its great design may be a bonus for someone who cares about looks.

While the Barnett crossbow might be priced higher than other models, the quality design makes it well worth the extra cost. You have the ability to fire bolts up to 340 (feet per second) with a draw weight of 160 pounds. You can find the Barnett over here if you are interested in checking it out.


  • It’s very easy to use
  • It is lightweight and well balanced
  • It has a smooth draw so you can shoot it accurately


  • Its hefty price


If you are thinking of getting into the world of crossbows, it’s very important to consider several aspects to make sure that the crossbow you want to purchase is right for you. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a professional, the price of the crossbows as well as their features which includes the speed, size and accuracy of the crossbow must be put into consideration before concluding on the ideal crossbow you wish to buy. Most of the work has been done for you here in this review to help you find the perfect Crossbow Under $400 to satisfy your hunting and crossbow gaming needs.

Thank you for taking the time out to read our article. You can also check out my guide on the best crossbow under $200 2018. if you have any question feel free to let us know by leaving a comment in the comment section below. Thank you,

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