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In archery, peep sights are often designed to work hand in hand with the front sight and this is done by grossly manipulating the ring that is colored around most front sights. An alignment of a front sight with a good peep sight with little work from an experienced archer will result in a perfect target hit.

A peep sight is the rear sight of a firearm, this part of a firearm is usually consisting of a disk that is adjustable with a small opening in its center through which the target is lined up. They are used as a visual assistant to a person bearing a firearm for the purpose of lining a target with precision.

While a gun has a rear sight, a bow has a peep sight. Since you’ll not fire a gun without aligning the rear and front sight, the same principle is used in a bow too. You’ll be more accurate using a peep sight.

Best Archery Peep Sights 2018

1. G5 Outdoor Meta Pro Peep – Popular Choice

This peep type is known to give you an additional edge especially when there is the need to go on any archery practice or hunting. The peep has a patented convex interior diameter maximizing everything you need in the field of view in low light situations. The convex interior whose diameter maximizes the field of view in situations of low light provides a perfect circle as the peeps begin to tilt.

The string groove is also convex and thus creates less surface area that the string actually contacts and this is made to reduce string wear drastically. Its aperture is fixed and can be gotten in diameter sizes of 1/4″ and 3/16″. It also comes in a wide range of color choices, allowing the user to match up on color during the process of setting up.

Often, people ask questions like “what peep sight diameter is best?”. You should have in mind that you look through the peep sight and like we’ve discussed earlier, the smaller the size of the aperture, the more your accuracy level will increase and the finer the adjustment you will be needing to align things.

If you observe, you will see that target shooters often use smaller sized peep sights than hunters. The reason is not farfetched, as a smaller aperture allows in less light while a larger aperture allows more light to come through. A hunter that will want to shoot in a low light condition will be needing a larger aperture so that more light can penetrate. In this case, a little accuracy will be sacrificed for more light as the target is relatively big.

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2. Carbon Express Dusk Vision – Great For Dim Light

The carbon express dusk vision naturally gathers light to surround peep sight hole. It is built in with glowing dots that allow hunters with the ability to visually locate and center peep sight in areas with very dim light conditions. It comes with a peep aligner tubing.

The glowing dots that it comes with naturally gather light to surround peep sight holes allowing hunters or users to visually locate and center the peep in dim light hop diameter of 1/8 inches.

The product comes in a dimension of 0.9 * 4 * 6.1 inches. It weighs 0.8 pounds. Shooting in an area of low light can be frustrating except you have a glowing or illuminated aperture which will allow you to easily locate the hole that you need to look through. This can be a useful addition to your set up on its own.

You will discover that when you are shooting in the sunshine or in an area with more light concentration, you will want a peep that has a non-reflective coating as this will help you not to get any glare that will distract you from tour shooting.

This peep sight eliminates the barrier you may face if you are shooting in an area of low light concentration. You can read more about them over here on Amazon and pick them up fairly cheap in my opinion.

3. TruGlo Central Pro Series Peep – Very Affordable

This series comes in a lightweight machined design. It has an angled design that allows for perfect peep alighting. It has a 3/6 diameter aperture that may not require tubing. It is specially designed for shorter axle- to axle bows. The product is made at an incredible dimension of 7 * 6 * 1 inches. It has an approximated weight of about 1.6 pounds.

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4. TruGlo Versa – Versatile Peep

The TruGlo Versa peep is, in fact, a revolutionary peep sight design and it also allows you to quite easily adjust the size, the color and size of your peep sight without having to remove the peep from the string. The TruGlo Versa peep sight uses an interchangeable insert which will give you cancer to customize both the color and size of your aperture to your preferred choice of color and size.

It is made with lightweight aluminum, making it quite easy to carry about. It comes in a product dimension of 5.6 * 6.3 * 0.8 inches and weighs 2.5 pounds.

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How Does a Peep Sight Work

The working mechanism of a peep sight is actually simple to understand. If you’ve shot a gun before, then you will know that when you aim with a gun, you have two points of reference which you line up to hit your target. This mechanism is very similar to a bow. When you install a peep sight to your bow, you achieve the same thing. When you look through the peep sight, you will have to align your vision with the bow sight that you are using.

If you try using it on your bow, then you’d understand just how helpful a peep sight can be to an archer. Though you will still be required to use the right archery techniques, aiming will, however, be made easier when you are using a peep sight.


In conclusion, some of these peep sights have been made with improved quality and the manufacturers have put into consideration some of the things that users consider when making a purchase of excellent peep sights.

Some of these considerations are that when users choose their peep sights, it is almost entirely dependent on the kind of target they will be looking to shoot at. If they have a specific target, they often go for smaller peep sight like the 1/8″ sight.

Another great way for hunters to find the right size of a peep sight is to line it up with the sight ring of your bow sight. Some of the factors users have in mind if they are going to choose a better peep sight are:

-Better reference

-Faster target acquisition.

-Point of reference.